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Market Validation

Gain insight into a market prior to building a product. Understand your buyer personas and the anticipated demand for your proposed solution:

  • Identify your initial customer base
  • Quantify ROI from your value proposition
  • Calculate Total Addressable Market size

If you have a validated problem to solve, the next stage is developing the technical product solution.

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Product Development

Once you are confident you have defined the problem and identified end-users, we can begin the process of creating a product:

  • Initial product specification
  • Minimum Viable Product development
  • User testing and solution refinement

When a product solution has been validated by early adopters, it is time to develop and execute a go-to-market strategy.

next step: go-to-market


If your product is working for a small group of early users, it is time to begin scaling your growth infrastructure, we help with:

  • Sales playbooks and process mapping
  • Customer decision making units
  • Prospect outreach and meeting setting

Now the growth engine is in motion, is it crucial the right early sales, marketing and product hires are attracted.

next step: Team formation

Team Formation

To ensure the plan architected in the go-to-market phase can be executed, we bring the right talent onboard:

  • Founding team assembly
  • Key hire recruitment planning and execution
  • Compensation benchmarking

Once the business is scaling consistently with repeatable revenue sources, it is the right time to explore potential exit opportunities.

next step: M&A SUPPORT

M&A Support

Most founders have not been through a company acquisition before, if you have reached a minimum of $2m we can help start the process and optimize your valuation:

  • Acquirer identification
  • Outreach and initial meeting coordination
  • Due diligence support

We support the founding teams we work with wherever possible, including with direct financial investment.


Early Stage Investment

As experienced SaaS founders and operators, we aim to assist teams we believe in with direct financing alongside attracting additional investors:

  • Direct investment from GTM fund
  • Potential investor identification
  • Creation of investor support materials

Feel free to send over your pitch deck and we'll endeavor to give you a timely response with constructive feedback.

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“We’re extremely happy with the value GTM Venture Studio has brought to scale our business. I’d highly recommend them to any startup Founder.”
Saket saurabh
CEO + Founder, Nexla
"GTM has the experience to design prospecting and market validation systems that fit your organization, your target market and hit your sales goals"
Benny Rubin
President, Kyuzo Corporation
“As a partner, we've seen great results from collaborating with GTM to evaluate early stage opportunities and development projects”
david kuchar
Founder & CEO, Indisputable Labs
How We Work

Our Process

Problem Statement Definition

A successful SaaS product relies heavily on the acuteness of the problem it solves. Exploring pain points, buyer personas and “as-is” processes is essential during these early stages.

Solution Outline

After the problem statement is defined, we will help you scope the right solution for your target market. Ensuring the addressable market size is large enough and your value proposition matches the prospect’s needs is critical.

MVP Development

Once your solution has been outlined, we will find the right resources to develop your Minimal Viable Product. During this stage, we will leverage building blocks of existing technology for rapid prototyping.

Whole Product Creation

With a handful of beta customers in place,  we will work towards building a whole product. With the core application receiving positive validation, we will develop the integration and support infrastructure required to deliver a complete solution.

Growth Phase

With larger customer deployments and wider adoption, we will help scale the systems and attract the team required for further growth. Navigating the ups and downs of your SaaS business is not easy, we'll be there every step of the way.
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